The collaboration proposal between actors and researchers in the Research Group goes far beyond the pure transfer of knowledge. The projects that will be carried out will be based on a research-intervention methodology that generates exchanges in a double sense: the proposition of theories, models, concepts, indicators and research methods that can be useful for identifying the priorities on which to intervene and testing them, verifying the validity of the application and the usefulness of the results. This will give rise to a process of “Learning on the Go” that can transform intervention and research methodologies.

The salient aspects on which the work of the Research Group will be based are the following:

Integration and coordination of interventions. Plan research and interventions, as well as resources (tangible and intangible) with an interdisciplinary orientation through the participation of different disciplines and sectors involved in a balanced way  according to the characteristics of the problem, thus facilitating a global overview.

Network Development. Promote the creation of operational links among the various Research Group member of different universities and research centres that organise activities for the promotion of research and interventions that, on the one hand, aim to support occasions for reflection and debate, and on the other hand, the realization of protocols and joint action programs.

Stimulus for Action. Research Group takes on the responsibility to stimulate action, above all where there is ongoing research and understanding of changes in reality.

Advocacy and Awareness-raising. It is necessary to develop a public and collective support plan (sharing) around research and interventions, to which awareness-raising campaigns will often have to be linked with the aim of improving the transparency of results, both of research and interventions, facilitating decision making. and helping to make this happen in a more participatory and democratic way.

The Research Group must be configured as a platform for collaboration, experimentation and permanent transfer between researchers and local actors (where possible), promoting the creation and refinement of methodological objectives of research-intervention based on these aspects, to enhance and strengthen the development of territories and identities through participation and sharing.