Volume 1 (download PDF)

Mangone, E. (2021). Incertezza, futuro, narrazione. Fisciano, Italy: NaSC Free Press. (ISBN: 979-12-80285-00-3; ISBNe: 979-12-80285-01-0; DOI:

Disasters and the ways in which mankind can find its development inevitably direct reflection towards a sociological reading of socio-cultural phenomena, the ‘culture of risk’ and awareness of the risks taken as a means by which to ‘colonise the future’. In the light of this, the book addresses a number of issues that have emerged in an emergent form with the COVID-19 pandemic (the perception of risk and the future, communication and narration, responsibility, etc.), believing that all these processes not only influence the construction of social reality but also play a priority role in the construction, identification and selection of risks. The idea is to outline a path of reflection on cultural-symbolic aspects that allows the exploration of the processes that take place on different levels (individual, social and cultural) whenever individuals experience an emergency or face a risk. The book consists of two parts, a first one of theoretical framework that “plays” with models and their applications to risk and social narratives of uncertainty (cf. Preface by Michele Sorice), and a second part, in which the result of the “play” is clearly highlighted in the analysis of the narrative and communication styles of health risk.