The proposal of the books or edited books could be send using the form (download) through e-mail to:

Communication from the Editor in conjunction with the Editorial Board concerning the approval the book or edited book will be by 30 days from submission.

Each manuscript submitted will be subject to double-blind peer reviewing.


Language: Manuscripts are accepted only in Italian or English and, if deemed necessary, in other commonly used languages ​​(such as Spanish or French).

Title: Times New Roman; Font Size: 16, italics

Text: Times New Roman; Font Size:11. The text is single-spaced; use italics, rather than underlining

Headings of Sections should be concise. (First Level): Times New Roman; Font Size:11, bold; (Second Level): Times New Roman; Font Size: 11, italics.

Illustrations, Figures, Images and Tables: are to be placed within the text, centred, at the appropriate points, rather than at the end.

Each illustration, figure, image or table must have a sequence number and a title in italics, Times New Roman 11


Fig. 1. Tavola Strozzi, La città di Napoli al tempo del trionfo navale di Ferrante d’Aragona (1464 )- Courtesy of the Museo Nazionale di Capodimonte, Naples;

Tab. 1 Byzantine coin finds in the West, 491 – 741.

Source of tables and figures must be indicated below, in Times New Roman 9.


Source: Rossi, 2010, p. 101.

Text in Tables: Times New Roman; Font Size: 9

Footnotes: Any additional notes to the main text must be included as footnotes. Times New Roman; Font Size: 9 


The APA Style (download PDF “APA Style – 7th Edition Common Reference Examples Guide”) must be used both in the text (Times New Roman 11) and in the references list (Times New Roman 10). The quotations shoul be in quotation marks (Example: “as we have explained elsewhere”).


Each manuscript submitted to NaSC Free Press will be subject to double-blind peer reviewing. Authors need to make sure that the manuscript does not include any information that can give away their identity. The key items that need to be observed are the following:

  • Names and affiliations under the title within the manuscript need to be removed
  • The third person should be used when referring to work the authors have previously undertaken, e.g. phrases like “as we have explained elsewhere” with “… has been explained elsewhere [Anonymous, 2014] .
  • Figures should not contain any affiliation or name of author
  • Papers published by the author in the text should be cited:  ‘[Anonymous, 2014]’.
  • In the reference list omit all publications by the authors substituting the reference with:  ‘[Anonymous 2014] Details omitted for double-blind reviewing.’
  • References to funding sources should be omitted
  • Acknowledgments should not be included
  • Names and properties of documents should be checked to ensure anonymity.

The editorial board will communicate the decisions to the authors within 60 days from submission and will provide the review reports sent by referees.